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Your Angel’s Hair is different !

Hair strands are rounder when children are young and tend to flatten with increasing age. Naturally, hair tends to be softer and finer in childhood Which means it is that much more prone to damage if not taken care of properly. Not to mention damage due to exposure to dust and sweat Sebum, hair’s protective natural oils, builds every 2-3 days in the average adult. Children, however, experience much longer intervals making hair dry and rough everytime it has to be washed. Washing less is not an option in active kids so what do you do?

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Wash but Nourish

Regular oiling before every wash is the only option for preserving the innocence of your child’s hair. But your children’s hair in its growing stage and needs the love and protection of Nature. Adult hair care products are too harsh and too cosmetic to be used on children. The best option is to use nourishing ingredients you are familiar with like Almonds and olives. These are not only good to eat but the oils extracted from them are great for the length and shine of young hair.Maybe if there was a special hair oil made ony for your Angel’s hair?

What you use for your Princesses hair

dabur amla oil

A hair oil with nature’s goodness for your princess's growing hair. Easy to wash off and pleasant to smell, your child will love this specially formulated Dabur Amla oil with extracts of sun kissed Olives, rich Almonds and other naturally beneficial oils

dabur amla oil

Dabur Amla for kids detangler is a special formulation that contains Dabur Amla nourishment for making your kids hair soft and smooth. Its special complexes smoothen out your kids hair making it easy to comb through and shiny to look at

Princess Amira’s Corner

The kingdom of Amira is a magical place with adventure and fun . Now you too can be like her with the use of Dabur Amla Kids range of products.

team photo

Princess Amira is a active 8 year old who loves to play games and pranks. Her long hair is far from causing her trouble is infact a boon which she uses to help her subjects and friends .Join her in her magical land with the use of Dabur Amla Kids range of products

Princess Amira

team photo

Queen Malika, the wise mother of Princess Amira has long beautiful hair that Amira really wishes she could get too. The queen knows the secret to longer hair is regular oiling and so makes sure that Amira applies oil to her hair before every shampoo

Queen Malika

team photo

Gariba the Ogre is a resident of the dark forest who is generally in a bad mood. He has fun troubling the subjects of Sundarnagar but is usually foiled by the quick thinking of Princess Amira

Gariba the Ogre

Adventures of Princess Amira

Know Her Hair

Some small tips that would help make your princess’s hair hers (and yours) friend

if there are tangles in your child's hair, detangle before washing using a comb and detangling spray. Using a wide-tooth comb, brush out the tangles beginning at the bottom of the hair and working your way back towards the scalp. If your child is in pain, hold the hair tight when combing to lessen pulling at the scalp.

Stop tears during combing

Children often need to wash their hair once a day, especially if they spend a great deal of time playing. The environment can cause dirt and grease to build up in their hair but remember to Oil hair before wash to prevent shampoo damage and breakage

Let Kids be kids

If you have dry hair, blow drying can cause hair to become puffy and out of control -- children with dry hair will need to let their hair air dry or towel dry their hair rather than using a blow dryer.

Handle with care

If swimming in a chlorinated pool, it's best to oil your hair hair before entering, and take a shower in fresh water after leaving the pool.

Underwater tales

What Moms say

  • “I felt that it's better in shine and softness. The combing was easier as well with this product. I even tried it on my hair.. When combing, it was easier. I felt that it maintains the softness of the hair wash after wash and the hair does not get tangled as much as it used to”..

    - Um Naser 26 , mother of 6 year old user of Amla Kids Hair Oil

  • “It eased the brushing without crying”

    – Hind Raza, 28 mother of a 4 year old User Of Amla Kids Detangler

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